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I hereby affirm and acknowledge that I have carefully read the job description of the position for which I am applying. I am capable of performing each job requirement with or without reasonable accommodation. 


I understand that my employment is conditioned upon meeting the requirements of Shadowfax's automobile insurance carrier and criminal history record check.  


I hereby affirm that my answers to the foregoing questions are true and correct and I understand that false statements, misrepresentations or material omissions of facts called for in the application may be cause for immediate dismissal without notice, regardless of when discovered. 


I authorize inquiry with regard to my character, ability, and habits of any other persons and agree to hold such persons harmless with respect to any information they may give. If employed, I agree to conform to the policies of The Shadowfax Corporation and accept the Personnel Practices of the Corporation. 

Before beginning work in your assigned program, you will be required to attend an orientation, which lasts for four full weeks, starting the first and third Mondays of each month. Shadowing in your program will be included in your orientation. You will then begin working your regular, scheduled hours. 

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