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Training Info:

Remember to schedule designated time for training each month. All annual training is due September 30th. Schedule at least 2-3 hours each month to complete each training. 

Employee of the Month

Jan 2022.jpg

Shojayia Jamison

January 2022

2022 05 - Michele Brent.jpg

Michele Brent

May 2022

KE (2)_edited.jpg

Kendra Emenheiser

September 2022

2022 02 - Jasmin Ramage.JPG

Jasmin Ramage

February 2022

2022 06 - Barb Bell.jpg

Barb Bell

June 2022

Amber Raver (2).jpg

Amber Raver 

October 2022

2022 03 - Kendra Kohr.jpg

Kendra Kohr

March 2022

thumbnail_DSC04394 (5).jpg

Deminke Hall

July 2022

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Coming Soon

November 2022


Bev Shafer

April 2022


Denise "Pixi" Ruth

August 2022

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Coming Soon

December 2022

Employee of the Year

Employee of the Year.JPG

Donielle Turner

Employee of the Year 2021